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Hello, I’m Allan Hunter.

I coach people to find and follow their true callings.

I also coach writers to uncover the stories they are meant to tell.

I’m a writer and a life coach. British by birth, I've traveled widely and lived in many countries - Madagascar, Peru, India, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and others. I have a doctoral degree in English Literature from Oxford University. In 1986 I moved to the US and have lived in the Boston area for many years. I spent most of my career as a professor of literature at Curry College and also at Boston University and Bay Path University. I now have my own coaching practice.


I've also published twelve books so far on various subjects from literature to ideas about serendipity and life paths. And I've given nearly 100 radio/media interviews.

What I Do

I noticed many years ago that people often have a particular take on who they think they are - or who they think they had to be. I call this ‘the story’. It’s what we tell ourselves about what we think we deserve. Sometimes that story isn’t very accurate. Often it’s just plain wrong.


Using brief writing exercises, visualizations, literature and drawing exercises hand in hand with in-depth conversation, many doors can be opened painlessly. The aim is to free ourselves from any limiting or unhappy stories we've been telling ourselves. Once we gain clarity we can create a new story, one that is authentic.


Together, we seek to honor the creativity and unfolding life path for each of us.


I work with writers, artists, memoirists and, in fact, anyone who wants to be more reflective and engaged in their personal development.


I often use existing stories (novels, folk tales) with which the client may be familiar to further our explorations.



Quick chat: Memoir, motorcycles and reaching clarity...  You can see it here.

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