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Hello, I’m Allan Hunter.

I coach people to find and follow their true callings.

I also coach writers to uncover the stories they are meant to tell.

What I Do

I noticed many years ago that people often have a particular take on who they think they are - or who they think they had to be. I call this ‘the story’. It’s what we tell ourselves about what we think we deserve. Sometimes that story isn’t very accurate. Often it’s just plain wrong.


Using brief writing exercises, visualizations, literature and drawing exercises hand in hand with in-depth conversation, many doors can be opened painlessly. The aim is to free ourselves from any limiting or unhappy stories we've been telling ourselves. Once we gain clarity we can create a new story, one that is authentic.


Together, we seek to honor the creativity and unfolding life path for each of us.


I work with writers, artists, memoirists and, in fact, anyone who wants to be more reflective and engaged in their personal development.


I often use existing stories (novels, folk tales) with which the client may be familiar to further our explorations.


When I was desperate to write but could not figure out how to tackle what was on my mind, Allan quickly became a favorite Curry College writing professor. His suggestions to write in longhand and to make an actual agreement with myself magically produced a hefty pile of heart-felt pages.  Later, after all of that work helped ease me into the Johns Hopkins Master’s Writing Program, Allan was on hand as personal writing coach to keep me going and to help me fine-tune my stories.  I cannot speak more highly of his ability as writer, teacher, coach, and all-around fine human being now that I’ve known him for more than a decade.


      —Jane P.


 "Dr. Hunter is such a kind, caring and empathetic person. He has truly helped me during some of the most difficult and challenging times in my life that involved a lot of traumatic and life changing events. The help and guidance provided by Dr. Hunter was a large part of the positive changes I have made in my life. Because we live hours away, he was very accommodating in providing virtual sessions. I am so grateful for his help and guidance on my life's journey. I highly recommend Dr. Hunter to anyone who is serious about making positive changes in their life."


      —Anthony D.M.


"Working with Allan, I've learned to understand myself and others far better. I've also gotten more centered and confident in my creative life. Plus, Allan has time and time again given me excellent, practical advice when I've been in tricky situations.  He's extremely insightful, and yet also kind. Highly recommended!" 


      —Marlena M.


Allan is an amazing teacher! He is warm, generous and kind. He takes the time to learn about you as a person and then shepherd your writing as suits your personality and goals. While he's a maestro at everything related to writing, he provides constructive critique with gentleness and joy. Allan brings a sense of humor and optimism that serve to motivate his mentees and bring their vision to life. If you get a chance to work with him, please do so! 


      —Amisha T.


Quick chat: Memoir, motorcycles and reaching clarity...  You can see it here.

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