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I’m a writer and a life coach. British by birth, I've traveled widely and lived in many countries - Madagascar, Peru, India, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland amongst others. I have a doctoral degree in English Literature from Oxford University. In 1986 I moved to the US. I spent most of my teaching career as a professor of literature at Curry College and have also taught at Boston University and Bay Path University. I now have my own coaching practice.


I have published twelve books so far and given nearly 100 radio/media interviews.

You can find some of my interviews on my YouTube channel: drallanhunter

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Interview with Lilou Macé: The Real Cinderella Story. View it here.


Interview with Lilou Macé: CREATIVITY. View it here.

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Allan Hunter interviews Lilou Macé. View it here.


Interview with Lilou Macé: What Are Synchronicities? View it here.

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Quick chat: The Six Architypes #1—Innocent and Orphan. View it here.

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Quick chat: The Six Architypes #2—Pilgrim and Warrior/Lover. View it here.


Quick chat: The Six Architypes #2—Monarch and Magician. View it here.


You can also follow me on Facebook.

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