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If interested in coaching, please schedule a complimentary half hour ZOOM session in which we can meet and see if what I offer is a good match for you.

Email using the form below.

How It Works

Coaching is especially helpful when moving through change points in life, when looking for clarity about relationships and career, or when wanting to take creative work to new levels.


All sessions are one hour long and via ZOOM at a mutually agreeable time. Most people begin by meeting once a week and taper off as things progress. 


I’ve been doing this work my whole life, with nearly forty years of experience working with people aged 17 and up. I’m a professor emeritus of Literature at Curry College, and a Faculty Member in the Department of Narrative Medicine at Bay Path University. In addition to teaching Literature, I have run many courses on writing for self-exploration and counseled students and adults.


Quick Clip: Living with an open heart. Watch it here.



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